Virtual Assistants…Explained!

What is a virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant provides business owners with more time – simple!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (otherwise known as a VA) is a freelance worker who works remotely – anywhere with an internet connection. This could be at home, in co-working spaces, business hubs. A VA generally focuses on administrative tasks that are similar to a PA or secretary.

Many VA’s also have a ‘niche’.  For instance, this could be anything from content writing to website design, from minute taking to HR (like yours truly!). This means that the VA is highly competent in their chosen area and will be able to use their expertise for any specialist tasks that you may want them to work on, alongside the bread and butter of business administration and social media management. As each VA will likely have a different niche it’s important that any company owners considering using VAs carefully scrutinise the needs of their business to ensure a great fit, thus resulting in a good working relationship.

Release your admin – create more time

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs utilise the skills of a VA. When you run your own business it is all too easy to become bogged down by all the administrative tasks that come with growing your company. This is especially true for small to medium enterprises and sole traders who do not yet have the capacity to hire employed staff. Many entrepreneurs recognise that these tasks are distracting them from the work they do best – growing their profits and ensuring their company accomplishes their goals.

Help when you need it. No cost when you don’t

When you hire a VA you only pay for the hours they work – and you choose how much or how little of your work you delegate. Therefore, it is more cost-effective than hiring an employed member of administrative staff or a PA. In addition to this, there is no employment contract with a VA, no NI or pension contributions, no holiday or sick pay, no staff training or employment law concerns. As all VAs work remotely there is also no need for a desk or dedicated space at the company premises.

Do you need to hire a Virtual Assistant?

Ask yourself this – are you finding the morning starts getting earlier? Are you missing important deadlines? Are you struggling to find a good work-life balance? Are you missing out on precious family time?

A VA can come to the rescue! Look at it like this – using a VA could shave hours from your working week. We all have less time nowadays and as Benjamin Franklin famously said “time is money”. Therefore, saving you time will save you money – and more money is a plus for any business owner!

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