HR Admin: Why You Need To Outsource Yours


The world of work has changed a lot recently and this period of turmoil for people both professionally and personally is far from over just yet. HR departments and consultants have been inundated with new challenges, fresh problems to solve and unprecedented conditions within which to work. As many find themselves with extended furloughs or even, sadly, beginning the hunt for a new role, HR professionals are busier than ever.

With an ever-growing workload and no signs of ‘normality’ resuming soon, now more than ever, HR professionals should consider outsourcing their admin work elsewhere. Why? Let me cover off the key points (so you can read quickly and get back to the grind!).

You’re Able To Focus On The Important Stuff

HR is, in essence, a problem-solving trade, and it requires time and mental energy. Outsourcing administration tasks to a VA gives you the ability to focus on the larger jobs and ensure that you’re able to truly dedicate the effort required to them. Why sift through junk e-mails, sit on hold on the phone, proof read, enter data or manage your diary when you could be getting your teeth into the nitty gritty ‘human’ element of HR and its resolutions?

Outsourcing Saves Money

The hourly rate of a VA is considerably cheaper than that of an HR Consultant, so the time saved on admin can be passed on through taking on extra work/clients; in turn, earning you more whilst offloading the ‘small stuff’ that takes up time but doesn’t generate decent income.

I’m More Efficient At Admin Than You Are

I’m not sorry to say it: it’s true! As an ex-HR Manager myself, I know how easy it is to put off admin jobs and find them pile up as you focus on the new issues and intricacies of people management that make your desk on a daily basis. I do admin day in, day out, and so am able to prioritise and work through it quickly and efficiently. It’s quicker for me to enter new starter’s details onto contracts, to pop staff handbooks in the post and to manage holiday and sickness data than it is for you to do – because just this is exactly what I do.

HR Admin Needs HR Knowhow

Of course, in an ideal world you’d have an Assistant who could just take any piece of work from you and turn it around to you, expertly completed, quickly. However, most VA services offer simply admin expertise; but my services are a little different. My professional background is in HR, and I’m fully CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) qualified. My knowledge and skills are ideal for HR Consultants who need to outsource their admin but don’t have time to train – because I already have the industry knowledge and continue to maintain professional development to ensure I’m abreast of the latest developments and changes. No training required; just delegating!

Save your precious time – contact me now on for a free, no-obligation 30-minute discovery call.

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