How Does My HR Admin Service Work?

HR Admin

Once you’ve recognised that you need some help with your HR admin, but don’t want to hire an entire department to manage it for you, you can get in touch with me to get the ball rolling on us working together. Having years of experience as a qualified HR Advisor, I am ideally placed to offer you both routine and ad hoc support as needed. But how does this all work? Let me explain.

OK, I want to work with you. Now what?

Get in touch! We can agree to work together on HR services either ad hoc (as and when you require support) or on a retainer package (so that I’m available for you an agreed amount of hours a month). Once our terms and requirements are all agreed, we sign a contract, and you provide me with any relevant login details to existing HR systems (securely, of course) and any appropriate documents/policies/processes that you already have in place. Dealing with people’s information is obviously extremely sensitive, so everything is completed using the newest and most up-to-date security software and my confidentiality and discretion will be made clear in our contract.

Exactly what HR Support can you offer my company?

Well, pretty much anything. My most popular HR services include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Updating HR systems
  • Branding and updating policies and handbooks in line with legal requirements
  • Filing employee contracts
  • Creating ‘how to’ training guides
  • Managing the recruitment cycle, from end-to-end (right through from sifting through piles of CVs to monitoring a probationary period performance!)
  • On-boarding of new staff
  • Designing and creating organisational charts
  • Logging sickness and holiday
  • Note taking

How do we deal with on-the-spot HR events we need help with?

The nature of HR is that it’s often reactive, despite our best efforts of being well prepared for all eventualities! Businesses can’t always plan for their HR needs as they’re somewhat at the mercy of their employees and their activity (both in and out of work), but that doesn’t mean that if something pops up unexpectedly you can’t ask for my help. Wherever possible I will strive to get involved and help resolve any HR issues, or, better yet, diffuse them before they escalate! My professional experience really allows me to step in where others may not be so confident and I can support as much or as little as the business would like.

What do you need from me to support/manage my HR admin?

Aside from the contract and basic system information, there are some things that really help in building a working relationship together. Clear communication, honesty and any guidelines on how you’d like me to work with and for your business and staff are imperative to best set the foundations for healthy HR management. As we settle in to working together our efficiency and relationship can flourish and we can ensure that your workforce are as happy, motivated and empowered as they can be to truly help develop and grow your business.

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