Neonatal Care Bill – what you need to know

As a mum to a baby boy who was born both 7 weeks’ early and poorly (he’s doing great now!), I have been following with interest the much discussed Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill. But what does this mean from a HR perspective? The Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill is a proposed piece…

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Job Descriptions: Yay or Nay?

Job descriptions are an essential tool for organisations and job seekers alike. They outline the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of a particular job, and provide clarity on what is required of the candidate. A well-crafted job description can save time and resources, help attract the right candidates, and set the foundation for a successful employment…

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Onboarding New Employees Efficiently, Effectively and Enthusiastically!

(This blog was originally published in February 2021 in the Business Bulletin) Introducing new employees to your business is a key part of the hiring process, but one often overlooked. Once you’ve picked the right person, it’s easy to forget that they need a proper and thorough introduction to the company in order to be…

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How Does My HR Admin Service Work?

HR Admin

Once you’ve recognised that you need some help with your HR admin, but don’t want to hire an entire department to manage it for you, you can get in touch with me to get the ball rolling on us working together. Having years of experience as a qualified HR Advisor, I am ideally placed to…

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Are Your Existing Clients Helping You Attract New Ones?


Clever marketing and advertisements have a lot to answer for, but as consumers become more savvy to new ad techniques and sponsored content, they also become more suspicious of what is said and done online around brands, products and services. Ever noticed that the top search result on Google is an ad, and purposely clicked…

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Part Time Employee or Virtual Assistant: Which Is Right For You?

The use of Virtual Assistants (VAs) by business owners, entrepreneurs and the self-employed is growing. Research work by Gartner Inc indicates that by 2021, 25% of digital workers will use their services on a daily basis! But this does leave 75% of digital workers without the help they need, or, in some cases, hiring a…

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HR Admin: Why You Need To Outsource Yours

The world of work has changed a lot recently and this period of turmoil for people both professionally and personally is far from over just yet. HR departments and consultants have been inundated with new challenges, fresh problems to solve and unprecedented conditions within which to work. As many find themselves with extended furloughs or…

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Are you ready for a little story?


Meet Rob Rob runs his own business. When he started up, he was so proud to get his first client. More clients followed and Rob was a happy chappy. He stayed that way for a while, but over time, something changed. Rob’s clients got bigger and more demanding. They started taking up all his time…

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Lessons I have learnt whilst setting up VirtuVA

Lessons I have learnt blog

We are facing uncertain times at the moment. Fears about our jobs, money, our family and our health. With the ranks of the self-employed expected to rise during these uncertain times, when better to talk about the main lessons I have learnt during my business journey? VirtuVA is a relatively new business – and I…

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