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Meet Rob

Rob runs his own business. When he started up, he was so proud to get his first client. More clients followed and Rob was a happy chappy.

He stayed that way for a while, but over time, something changed.

Rob’s clients got bigger and more demanding. They started taking up all his time and he was working all hours of the day and night. No matter what Rob did, it seemed like he just simply couldn’t claw that time back, whilst still keeping his clients happy. Rob was upset (and extremely tired) – but his competitors didn’t seem to be having the same problem. In fact, they seemed to be having the free time that Rob was missing out on. He’d even heard that one of them had managed to watch the entire Games of Thrones boxset in 1 week!

At first, Rob struggled to figure out how on earth this was possible…until he heard about VirtuVA and the support services they offer.

So, he popped onto VirtuVA’s website and pinged off an email to arrange a discovery call. It was there that he learned all about how VirtuVA offers administrative support and virtual assistance to busy business owners enabling them to release their admin and create more time.

By releasing his day to day admin needs and tasks to VirtuVA, Rob would be able to gain more time in order to get that work-life balance he sorely needed.

Rob would also be able to get more rest and have more leisure time, meaning he would be ‘fresher’ and would be able to bring back that enthusiasm that first attracted his clients to his business.

By creating more time for Rob, it also meant he could do what he does best – gain more clients and growing his business.

Rob liked the thought of all this, but what he enjoyed hearing even more was that VirtuVA could offer various packages in order to meet his needs. These packages could change on a month by month basis depending on what his business required.

Because VirtuVA has oodles of experience in administrative support and great client testimonials, Rob thought it was worth a shot.

Fast-forward to a year later…today Rob’s business is doing just great. He is no longer too tired to give the best service to his clients and no longer worries about missing out on vital family time. He’s even improved his golf handicap!

And with happy clients, more money in the bank and greater peace of mind, Rob’s feeling really happy again.

So be more Rob.

Visit VirtuVA’s website now on or email ‘to set up your free discovery call and learn how I can help you create more time.

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